Rules for Operating a Bar 





As a user of the hall, you are able to operate a bar under the licence held by Cookham Dean Village Club.  You are, however, required to observe the following:

·         You may sell drinks for consumption on the premises but not for consumption away from the hall.

·         You may only sell alcohol to persons over the age of 18.

·         You must operate “Challenge 25” which means that if people look to be under the age of 25 then you must ask for identification that proves to you that they are over 18.

·         You must not serve alcohol to people who you believe to be intoxicated or to be at risk of intoxication through any further consumption.

·         You are responsible for the behaviour of your guests whilst in and when leaving hall.

·         You must observe the licencing hours displayed in the lobby.  In particular, you must cease serving at 11:00pm and the hall should clear by 11:30pm.

·         When selling alcohol, you should observe the regulations concerning measures which apply to wines (Full marked bottles or units of 125, 175 and 250ml), whiskey, gin, vodka and rum (units of 25ml).  Draft beer should only be served in recognised quantities (normally pints and half pints).

·         If selling alcohol, a list showing prices and units of volume must be displayed.

You are the delegated Responsible Official on behalf of the Village Club for the period of your hire and you will be held responsible for any issues that arise through poor stewardship, including any failure to apply the above regulations.

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