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Cookham Dean Village Hall

Standard Conditions applying to the Premises throughout the Period of Hire

  • 1.      Hirer’s Responsibilities:
  • 1.1.   The Hirer is responsible for the supervision of the Premises, their fabric and their contents, as well as their care and safety from damage however slight. The Committee will make an additional charge to cover any such damage. 
  • 1.2.   The Hirer is also responsible for the behaviour of all persons using the premises, whatever their capacity, and must ensure that all persons entering and leaving the premises during or at the termination of the Period of Hiring do so in a quiet and orderly manner to avoid disturbance to local residents.
  • 1.3.   The Hirer is responsible for the proper supervision of car-parking arrangements so as to avoid obstruction to the highway and the driveways to nearby houses.
  • 2.      Use of the Premises.  The Hirer must not:
  • 2.1.   allow any person(s) to use the Premises for any unlawful purpose or in an unlawful way; or
  • 2.2.   allow anything to be done in or anything to be brought into the Premises which may endanger the Premises or prejudice any insurance policy, covering normal risks for premises of the same type as or similar to, the Premises; or
  • 2.3.   allow the premises to be used for any religious purpose or for acts involving hypnotism or mesmerism; and
  • 2.4.   if event participants are under the age of 14 (for example, a children’s party) one adult must be present for every fifteen children.
  • 3.      Licences. The Premises are licensed by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM) on conditions outlined in this Agreement and as detailed in the Club Premises Licence currently on display in the Premises. It should be noted that:
  • 3.1.   under this licence, the maximum capacity of the Premises is 120 people in total: and
  • 3.2.   the sale of alcohol is only permitted under the terms specified in the licence and those laid out in the notice “Operating a bar in the Village Hall” (a copy is available at
  • 4.      Fire and other safety measures. The Hirer must ensure that:-
  • 4.1.   at least one responsible person is on duty and instructed beforehand on the location of the emergency exits from the Premises and the procedure to be followed in case of a fire or other emergency; and
  • 4.2.   the exit ways are maintained free from obstruction; and
  • 4.3.   during the hours of darkness the external hall lights are switched on; and
  • 4.4.   any portable electrical equipment used on the Premises is protected by a residual current device; is maintained in accordance with current government regulations for such devices ( see  for further information) ; and
  • 4.5.   naked flames such as candles are not used in the hall; and
  • 4.6.   they are familiar with the Fire Evacuation Policy and Procedures ( a copy is available
    at; and
  • 4.7.   the Hirer must call the Fire Brigade in the event of fire, however minor.
  • Note that smoking is never permitted inside the Premises. A Fire Safety Risk Assessment for the Premises is available on request.
  • 5.      Food and hygiene regulations. The kitchen in the Premises may be used for the preparation of teas and light refreshments.  If food is to be served, the Hirer must ensure that all food handlers follow basic personal and food hygiene principles (the RBWM Environmental Health Department can be contacted for more details).  The Hirer must leave the kitchen, including the floor, work-surfaces, cupboards, cooker, fridges, dishwasher and other kitchen equipment, in a clean and tidy state.
  • 6.      Hall Decorations. To avoid damage to the Premises and their decorations, items must not be affixed to any wall, door or ceiling, by using pins, nails, staples, adhesive tape, Blue-Tack or any other similar means.  As an exception to the foregoing, items may be fixed to the soft boards on the hall walls using only drawing pins and the items and pins must be removed at the end of the Period of Hire.  At the end of the Period of Hire, any contents temporarily removed from their usual positions (for example, paintings) must be replaced. During December, the Noah’s Ark Pre-School decorates the Premises for the enjoyment of all users and Hirers are asked to respect these.
  • 7.      Music. The Hirer must ensure that no music is played after 11.30 pm and that the Premises are vacated by Midnight. Between 11.00 pm and 11.30 pm no music may be played which may be heard inside neighbouring properties. The Hirer must control the loudness of any music and the behaviour of those attending so as to avoid causing a nuisance to neighbours.
  • 8.      Electrical equipment. At the end of the Period of Hire, the Hirer is responsible for switching off all electrical appliances, including all lights (except the emergency exit signs which remain illuminated at all times), cooker, and sound and lighting equipment. If this is not done, the Executive Committee will make an additional charge.
  • 9.      Cleaning and hall security. At the end of the Period of Hire, the Hirer is responsible for:
  • 9.1.   leaving the Premises and surrounds in a clean and tidy condition; and
  • 9.2.   putting the tables and chairs away in their designated areas and leaving them in a safe and tidy state; and
  • 9.3.   ensuring that all windows and doors are properly locked and secured; and
  • 9.4.   emptying all rubbish bins to the outside bins with recyclable items placed in the recycling bin.
  • 9.5.   completing, signing and leaving in the hall, a check out sheet (blank forms are available in the kitchen).
  • If these are not done, the Committee may make an additional charge.
  • 10.  Damage. The Hirer shall indemnify the Executive Committee against the full costs of (and associated with) repair of any damage done to any part of the Premises, or to any contents of the Premises, which may occur during, or as a result of, the Period of Hire.
  • 11.  Cancellation. If a booking is cancelled by the Hirer, and the Executive Committee is able to secure a substitute booking for the same Period of Hire, the hiring fee shall be refunded by the Committee less an administration fee of £20. If the Committee is unable in these circumstances to secure a substitute booking the refund shall be limited to 50% of the hiring fee.
  • 12.  Non-availability. In the event that the Premises or any part of them are rendered unfit for the use for the declared Purpose of Hiring, the Executive Committee shall not be liable to the Hirer for any resulting loss or damage whatsoever beyond the refund of the relevant hiring fee.
  • 13.  Liability. In the absence of negligence or other breach of duty by the Executive Committee, the Committee accepts no responsibility to the Hirer or any user of the Premises for any loss or damage whatsoever.
  • 14.  Deposit. The Executive Committee may offset the whole or any part of the contingency deposit against the costs of any damage or additional cleaning or any other matter mentioned in these Standard Conditions.
  • 15.  Assignment and Sharing: This Agreement is exclusive to the Hirer and the Hirer may not assign or otherwise transfer the benefit of this Agreement or share the use of the Premises with any other person or organisation.
  • 16.  External Land and Gardens: The land outside the front of the Hall is not owned by the Hall and must not be used byHirers for any purposes including obstructing the drive for temporary loading and unloading.
Personal Property: This Hirer retains full responsibility for any personal items on the premises.  It is not recommended that the Hirer allows such items (including gifts/presents, hired equipment) to be stored on the premises overnight.

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